Using JV Giveaways as a List Builder

Wow!! We are already at Doable 26 of the ‘Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables’ Blog Tour. Yesterday we learned how to build our lists using other people’s landing pages.  I would recommend you go back and have a read if you haven’t already. A full list of the blogs we have already visited can be found at the Blog Tour Information Page. Angela Wills…

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Avoid Getting Google Slapped on April 21st

Google has a new update happening on April 21st that could have a BIG impact on your website and any rankings (search traffic) you currently have. The first thing you need to do is check your website and see if it is actually mobile-friendly or not. Check here: Now if it says you passed – GOOD! Then you’re good…

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How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Here at Marketer’s Mojo I’m very, very picky about who I recommend you learn from, buy from and choose to follow. I know that if I send you over to low quality stuff you’ll get low quality results and that will make you consider ME a low quality source. That’s why I almost always only recommend people I’ve worked with…

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MOP #9: How to Cure Shiny Object Syndrome

The Marketing Online How-To Podcast: How to Cure Shiny Object Syndrome. OH! I’m so excited to share this information with you in today’s podcast. This podcast is about one of the BIGGEST challenges we face as entrepreneurs – distraction. We get distracted by new business ideas, we get distracted by new products to buy, we get distracted by new software…

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Brush Stroke Blog

Watch Me Grow a Niche Blog

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of blogging for a living. Niche Blogging is Pretty Awesome There’s something about being able to earn money just for doing the things you want to do that’s really attractive to me. The idea of writing off hobbies, food, clothes, decor and all kinds of ‘lifestyle’ items (or some part of them) because…

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Why I Pay My Affiliates Weekly

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn good money online. Instead of spending time researching a good product to create, putting time and/or money into product creation, developing a shopping cart and marketing plan AND providing customer service all you need to do as an affiliate is SELL. If you have an email list (or an audience in some…

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People WILL Try to Stop You…

As you start taking steps towards your dreams of owning your own business, working from home and marketing on the internet people WILL try to stop you… They’ll tell you that it’s not for you. They’ll ask how you dare think you can start a business with no business education. They’ll think you’re getting into something unethical, scammy or just…

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MOP #8: How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle

The Marketing Online How-To Podcast: How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle. A friend asked me for advice on buying a laptop because she was interested in being more ‘mobile’ in business. I’ve run my business exclusively from a laptop for about three years now and I LOVE it! In this podcast I share my advice on how and why to…

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iThemes Builder Theme Review {WordPress Theme}

NOTE: The short version of this review is that iThemes is simply the most verstile theme I’ve EVER found! If you want to check it out first then visit this affiliate link to see it for yourself: I know reviews are supposed to be unbiased pieces of information to help you make a buying decision but I’m gonna tell…

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Web graphics to promote your business

7 Quick Ways to Get Sales With Graphics

1. Website Advertising: Find yourself a very targeted website with lots of traffic and write a laser-targeted graphic ad pointing straight to your opt-in offer. You can check out my post on how to create a website banner ad for tips on this. 2. Affiliate Promotions: Get busy creating easy to read, enticing banner and button ads for your affiliates…

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How to RE-Content Your Blog

Well, well, well… I’ve stumbled upon the neatest thing for adding lots of new, refreshed content to my blog and I just can’t wait to share it with you so here goes: If, like me, you’ve been blogging for a while (say a few years) then it’s likely you have some OLD content you’ve long forgotten, deleted or removed from…

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Depressed business woman in front of laptop

Are You Ready to Give Up?

More often than I’d like I get questions that go something like this: “Hi Angela. I’ve paid all kinds of coaches to teach me how to be successful online and they were all a big waste of money! I got nowhere. They gave me BIG promises and NO results. I want to know if I buy your program and take…

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thank-you (1)

Thank You!

Wow another year has come and (almost) gone and as always I’m ever so grateful for my business. This year I brought a new life into the world and I couldn’t be more proud of how she’s doing. As I was adapting to her I was emailing you my updates and how I was adjusting to life with the demands…

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Don’t Miss Business Opportunities

I’ve been promoting the Blogging Concentrated Stack of great marketing products and training. There’s so much in there it’s really a no-brainer purchase and it could keep you busy (and more profitable) all next year! For me, it was a strategic choice to promote this product and it was an opportunity that literally showed up in my email inbox. I…

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Unique Business Gift Ideas for Marketers…

It’s that time of year. Holidays on the mind. We get gifts for teachers, the paper delivery person, friends, family and business associates. Amazon gift cards are nice but there are other unique business gift ideas for marketers you might want to consider. I’ve created the Gift Ideas for Marketers 2014 guide for those of us who need to buy…

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Free Printable Blogging Calendar for 2015

If you read my post the other day about my Sticky Note UNSTUCK (TM) Planning Method you’ll know that I’ve been spending some quality time planning for a successful 2015. What I did was print of monthly calendars from Google Calendar. I totally forgot about my friend Lynette Chandler’s totally free, printable Blogging Calendar. So, I’ll be using that as…

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The Sticky Note Unstuck Method

As I mentioned in the intro, I’ve started planning out 2015. This isn’t the first year I’ve planned out my year but it is the first time I’ve used my newly created Sticky Note’ method of planning and it worked awesome! I’m calling it my ‘Sticky Note Unstuck Method’ because that’s just what having a plan does for you. Allows you to get Unstuck. I recently got an email from a potential client that was all too familiar. She had spent lots of money on courses and materials to learn to get a website up, do email marketing, social media and all kinds of things. However, she was…

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November Mojo Report: What to do NEXT

I’ve just published a new internet marketing email newsletter. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find: A Note From Angela Recommend: Explaindio Marketing Article: How to Get Unstuck by Planning Something Marketing Training Resources New From the Blog In the article I’m giving you my ‘Stick Note Unstuck Method‘ that has really helped me figure out exactly what I need to work…

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MOP #7: How to Level the Income Roller Coaster

The Marketing Online How-To Podcast: How to Level out the Income Rollercoaster. Running a business can be a tricky road to navigate. You might work you A$$ off to create an income and then realize you’re one a roller coaster. Business is up one month and the next you’re struggling to make the minimum you need to pay your bills and…

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Explaindio Video Software Review: Make Pro Videos

If you’ve ever wanted to create videos that look awesome and attract or educate your target market, this review is for you. Explaindio is a software program that let’s you create professional-looking ‘explainer’ videos to promote a product, introduce a product, teach a topic and more. The built-in templates make it easy and fast to create great videos. Product Overview:…

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Organize Your Business or Die…

FYI: Because the audio was recorded a number of years ago the links mentioned no longer work. If you want to learn more about what Tracey has to offer, check out her free quiz: Free Quiz: Is Your Business Set up to Fail? If you don’t organize your business you won’t be able to find your work. If you can’t find your work,…

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Tips For Personal Success From Will Smith

Will Smith. Need I say more? Ok I will. He’s amazing. His mindset on being successful is fantastic! Just watch the video. Some of my favorite quotes from Will Smith and some of the interviews I’ve seen: “It’s very simple – This is what I believe and I’m willing to die for it, period.” “Skill is only developed by hours…

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Best WordPress Plugins

I’m always looking for great WordPress plugins to use on my own business and recommend in my WordPress coaching program. So I do pretty frequent Google searches on the topic. Well I came across a really nicely organized list of WordPress plugins for all kinds of uses including SEO, Backups, Social Media and more. I was surprised it didn’t have…

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Girl weighing 2 objects (blank) with Clipping Path

Should You Hire Someone or DIY?

As small business owners we ALL face the same question of where to put our time and money. We want to make the right decisions about how we use each of these resources. Keeping in mind you can make more money but you can NOT make more time is important. In the beginning we tend to believe we can do…

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