Clickable Social Media Links in Your Website Header

There’s this really cool graphics technique called an ‘image map’ that allows you to make ANY part of a graphic/image clickable using some code. Many people don’t know about it, and those who do probably think it’s way too complicated to use. Let me tell you it’s not that hard at all! Here is how to make your social media…

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“Dear Guru, Dear Guru…”

The idea for this song has been in my head since the summer but I wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to do it. Here’s something I did just for fun, to combine work and play. It’s called “Dear Guru” and it’s a parody of a country song called “Dear Abby” that I remembered from when I was a…

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How I Make Money Online

When I first told my family I was going to quit my job to work from home on the internet I’m sure they thought I was crazy. They had no idea how I could go from a real ‘job’ to making money from a PC or laptop. Like many people they also had no concept of online marketing and what…

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How to Make Passive Income

When it comes to making money, there’s not much better than working once and getting paid over and over again. Wikipedia defines passive income as: Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. In this video I explain why this type of income is so awesome and give you four steps to creating…

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Make Your Webinars Engaging & Persuasive

You’ve probably seen slides like this on a webinar – or maybe even in a live presentation. As you heard the presenter read through slide after slide of text, you thought, “Hey, I can read myself” so you read ahead and virtually ignored the presenter. And it all seemed so boring! When you create slides that are all text, not…

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Do What You Love Doesn’t Mean “Never Work Hard”…

I see people making a common mistake when starting up an online business. When I say ‘people’, I also mean me. They think that ‘Do What You Love’ means ‘Never Work Hard or Never Do Anything You Don’t Like’.   I did this in my early days and it had me spending YEARS (literally) chasing after that ‘shiny object’ that…

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Why You’re Not Getting Sales

Are you waiting for sales to come in, but they’re not? You put your product or service out there and wait for people to vote with their money. You might believe deep down somewhere that earning a super-awesome living online is possible, but you’re not completely convinced and you’re not completely sure it’s something YOU can do. So you put…

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