Can You be a Mild-Mannered Marketer?

I walk the line between introvert and extrovert. We think of the typical ‘marketer’ as an extrovert. Someone who loves people (always), someone who’s outspoken and often loud. Someone who’s as comfortable standing in front of a group of people as they are in their own living room. The extroverts are the people who go to marketing events and seem…

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Confessions of a Mom Marketer

I’ve been pretty quiet when it comes to blog posts and blogging in general, for quite some time now. Tonight as I was washing up dishes I came to realize why that is. Confession Time: I’ve been struggling. Struggling to let go of the business I had pre-baby and to reinvent what my business is now, post-baby.  It’s been 12…

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September Mojo Report – Pick a Business Model

I’ve just published a new internet marketing email newsletter. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find: A Note From Angela Recommended Resource: Coach Glue Marketing Article: How to Pick a Business Model New Website For Virtual Assistants! Marketing Training Resources New From the Blog In the article I’m sharing with you the most common online business models and who they’re best suited…

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WordPress 4.0 Review – New Features & Cool Media Library!

I’m excited about the new features of WordPress 4.0, Benny. The most exciting is the new media library layout which allows you to see WAY more of your media on one screen and has a never-ending scroll option so you don’t have to flip through dozens of pages to find a photo you’re looking for. This option is AWESOME because…

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The Dream of Working From Home

I was watching the finale of So You Think You Can Dance and the dancers were recapping their journey with the reality dance competition. What one of the dancers said really stood out to me. She was asked her favorite moments of the show. One of them was a dance where she did a grand tap routine (her style of dance)….

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Clickable Social Media Links in Your Website Header

There’s this really cool graphics technique called an ‘image map’ that allows you to make ANY part of a graphic/image clickable using some code. Many people don’t know about it, and those who do probably think it’s way too complicated to use. Let me tell you it’s not that hard at all! Here is how to make your social media…

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“Dear Guru, Dear Guru…”

The idea for this song has been in my head since the summer but I wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to do it. Here’s something I did just for fun, to combine work and play. It’s called “Dear Guru” and it’s a parody of a country song called “Dear Abby” that I remembered from when I was a…

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