Are You a Sorry Salesperson?

I’m an email marketer. That means I use emails to sell my products and services, and I do it completely shame-free!

What really drives me crazy is when I’m subscribed to the list of a Sorry Salesperson…

Are you one? Do you ever:

  • Apologize to your email list for sending an email, ever?
  • Make excuses about why your sending an email?
  • Ask to be excused for the intrusion?
  • Avoid selling at all costs?

If so – why? Why are you so ashamed to sell? Why don’t you want your subscribers to experience the benefits of your products or services? If you have bad products, ok, I understand then. If you are just being hard on yourself then it’s time to get over that!

You’re doing a disservice on all accounts if you apologize for selling.

Just think about how this affects:
Your Customers: If your messages come across as mousy and apologetic for selling how will your current customers feel? Customers who’ve already spent money with you want to know you’re still very proud of your offering.
Your Subscribers: If you’re apologizing for selling to your subscribers they’re probably not going to buy. If you have a good product and they never buy then you’re really not doing them a service at all because they miss out on the value you have to share with them.
Yourself: You want to grow your business, not stall it. Don’t sabotage your sales by selling anything that requires apologies or shame for selling. Be a Proud-Promoter, not a Sorry-Salesperson!!

Guess what? That’s not all the advice I’ve got for you about email marketing. I recently wrote a report called the 5 Email Marketing Myths. Here it is: 5 Email Marketing Myths

By the way, I use Aweber for all my email marketing. I’ve tried dozens of systems over the years but have happily settled on that system. If you don’t have a system then I highly recommend Aweber! Check out some more details on how I use it in my Aweber Review.


  1. Totally agree that you need to build a list and market to them. I have been really concentrating on this more and have seen better results. Plus I have started recommending other content through affiliate links and this has been bringing me in some extra income. I was scared to do this at first for fear of people unsubbing, but if they leave they leave. I want people who are interested in what I have to say and who enjoy my products.

    Thanks Angela
    Sue recently posted..Mortgage Broker PLRMy Profile

    • Thanks for the comment Sue! Yes the people who leave are just not people who need your message but the people who stay are the ones we want to focus on and do our best to serve.

      So glad to hear you are getting results with your email marketing. That’s great news :)

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