“Dear Guru, Dear Guru…”

The idea for this song has been in my head since the summer but I wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to do it. Here’s something I did just for fun, to combine work and play. It’s called “Dear Guru” and it’s a parody of a country song called “Dear Abby” that I remembered from when I was a…

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How I Make Money Online

When I first told my family I was going to quit my job to work from home on the internet I’m sure they thought I was crazy. They had no idea how I could go from a real ‘job’ to making money from a PC or laptop. Like many people they also had no concept of online marketing and what…

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Aweber Review

Aweber Review – Email Marketing For Small Businesses

This product review was created with the intention to help you decide if Aweber is right for you and your business needs. Product: Aweber Use: Send Emails Cost: Starting at $19.95/month Trial: YES, 30 Days For $1 What to take a test drive? Click Here to Sign Up For a 30-Day Trial for just $1 What Does Aweber Email Software…

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How to Make an eCover (or as many as you want)

I am often asked about how I make my ecovers. Well today I’m not only going to tell you but show you how. I wrote a quick report. Actually, it’s made up of more screenshots than writing. This report shows you how to create your first ecover.   Click on the eCover to Download Now!  

wordpress security

How to Secure WordPress – Quiz

The recent WordPress Brute Force attacks on WordPress have everyone paying a little more attention to protecting their WordPress websites a little more. It’s my mission to make sure you’re all safe. So let’s start with an easy quiz… take this and see how you do! Is Your WordPress Website Protected? Self-Quiz Instructions: Take the quiz (print it out or…

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Free WordPress Video Tutorials

Learning WordPress takes some time and effort, but the results can pay off in your business for the long term! I teach a six-week intensive WordPress training program that isn’t free. I’ve also put out a lot of free WordPress training videos and tutorials to help you learn how to build WordPress websites and blogs that get major results. Let’s…

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working in the cloud

Cloud Computing for Small Business

I run my small business almost entirely on cloud-based programs. I signed up for my first cloud-based service in 1999 when I got myself an email account on Yahoo. Many things have changed since then… back in ‘those days’ most of the software you needed for business or educated needed to be installed and maintained on your own computer. That…

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