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Congrats Janine!

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Win my new $127 Coaching Program Mojo Course for FREE!
To enter just post a comment below…

250In 2010, after leaving a service-based business, I decided to start Marketers Mojo. It had a slow start but I soon learned how to create my own marketing funnel. I launched my first program, Graphics Mojo, at $67. It was a hit! Then I created my flagship Website Design Mojo program and priced it at $397. I am still selling that program to this day. Website Design Mojo alone has made me $62,681.95 since 2010.

My business model for these programs includes (or included); self-study training and personalized support. The training can take various formats including emails, ebooks, audios, videos and resources. The personalized support takes various formats including email coaching, group webinar coaching, one on one coaching, skype and facebook coaching.

It’s an important combination of training and support that makes people willing to pay for this type of program.

Over the years I’ve developed a method that I know works for these programs. I’ve created a system that allows me to:

  • Create new programs fast
  • Sell my programs before they’ve even been created
  • Use automation to make it personal and value-packed
  • Create a program that people WANT and contains the information they’re asking for
  • Give personalized attention to those who need it without taking up all my own free time

There’s so much more to it and I’d like to teach you how to do this too if you’re ready to learn!

I’m very excited to announce my new  Coaching Program Mojo starts on May 26th!  I’d like to teach you if you’re ready to start your own coaching programs that allows your customers to get exactly what they need while allowing you to continue to have true business freedom. Instead of eating all your time up with one-on-one clients, you’ll get true leverage by teaching larger groups of people. This allows you to earn more money AND get your message out to more people. The more people who hear your message, the greater impact you can have!

The Giveaway

One winner will be gifted a full lifetime tuition into the course Coaching Program Mojo (real value $127).

Here’s what you can expect to learn…

  • Helpful training delivered in our private customer area and permanently available for the lifetime* of the course (as long as I sell it).
  • Easy to understand self-study videos, audios and pdf training/resources.
  • Quick assignments designed to teach you the principals delivered in the training.
  • Personalized email feedback to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Useful live ‘work, chat & Q&A’ text-chat sessions in the webinar room on May 26th and June 16th at 8pm ET.
  • Resourceful facebook group where you can network, ask questions and look for help from the growing community of others who’ve taken the program.


How to Enter

To enter just fill out the comment form below telling me why you want to win and how Coaching Program Mojo will help you!

Bonus entries if you tweet, facebook, google + and/or pinterest this post. Just link to your account or the post itself in a separate comment for each extra post (one per social media account).

The Timeline

Post a comment below to be considered on or before May 26th at 9am ET.

The Prize Details

This course will allow you to take action immediate and start selling your own coaching and training programs. My unique method of combining information products, group coaching and individual coaching gives customers a complete package they gladly pay good money for. I’ll teach you how to deliver an amazing program your customers will want to rave about.

Here’s just some of what you get with Coaching Program Mojo (more details on the site):

  • Guided Training – Four weekly guided lessons including video training, emails and resourceful pdf downloads.
  • Purposeful Assignments – Each week you will be assigned a task to complete to move forward with your learning.
  • Personalized Help – Four weeks of personal email feedback after you complete your assignment.
  • Instant Feedback Live – Two live text-chat sessions in the webinar room on May 26th and June 16th at 8pm ET.
  • Access to our private Marketers Mojo Coaching Clients facebook group

*lifetime access means the videos don’t go away when the course ends, access them anytime

Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary to enter.
  • No cash value and cannot be refunded for cash.
  • For new students to the program only.
  • Winner will be determined by random draw.
  • Tweet and link to your tweet for an extra entry.
  • If you sign up for the course and win the tuition, I’ll refund your payment!

For all the details see the salespage here:

That’s it – To enter just comment below if you want to win and tell me how Coaching Program Mojo will help you!



  1. I am suffering from overwhelm and shiny object syndrome while attempting to create a product that will support women in having understanding how assertive communication skills can get them to the next level in their personal relationships with their friends, family, children and partners as well as get them their next promotion in their career.
    I show them how to have an equal voice, stand up and be noticed.

    Catherine Sternberg recently posted..Accessing the Power of GratitudeMy Profile

    • Thanks for entering the draw Catherine!

      Shiny Object Syndrome can be tough so I encourage you to push yourself to FOCUS and go after something you believe in. There is a way to make money with almost anything as long as there is a market and you are OPEN to listen to what that market needs and WILLING to provide it to them.

      Good luck!

  2. I agree with Catherine,

    Suffering from overwhelm and what type of product to create that will support my clients. My business is about business consulting and assisting clients with their writing and editing needs. I want to build a product around this if possible. Of course it’s possible, just have not figured out what that product should be.


  3. I have drawn a marker in the sand and I am going forward, the line is behind me. I am a coach helping people do waht makes them juicy, clearly alive and free. Because I have presence, people want what I can bring to the table, and YOU have what I want: a system to help me show up even before my website is up, by:

    Creating and selling programs fast, before created.
    Make and maintain personal connection in an easy way.
    Giving value from the stress free zone.

    I am launching now and i would love to have your assistance.

    Blessings on your choice,
    Kathleen Felkner

  4. This could be a god-send as I start the development of my consulting and coaching business. The ability to piggy back on your experience on getting content developed and packaged quickly combined with my social media marketing knowledge would create a great foundation for business development. This would also provide a collaborative case study for future program development that could benefit both of us. I have much of the knowledge and ability to train and teach but am not so good at packaging and gathering the prospects quickly. Working together could be a significant value add both ways.

  5. Angela:

    I would love to win your free coaching program. I am self motivated, currently in college, and a free spirit. However motivated I am, I have one down fall. I am a perfectionist that can lead to procrastination, stagnation, and other road blocks. I want my business to start off smoothly and to convey a professional image beyond just a home based business. However, right now I do not have any steady income and could really use the support to get organized in order to create great marketing content and strategy to reach the right target clients.

    I am an avid follower of your newsletter and know you have the experience and knowledge to guide me down my road to business ownership. I really would like to get the opportunity to work with you and to hopefully create a long term friendship that could be beneficial to both of us.

  6. It would be great to win so that my wife will be able to stay home longer with our new baby due in a month. We hope the program would help provide more income for our home that is desperately needed. My biz income is way down and I’m looking for other work.

  7. Hi Angela, I would love to win your course to find some direction and a system in building an online business and finally winning the Internet Marketing challenges that we all seem to face!

    Laura Dews

  8. \\\\\\\”When I was young I used to think I knew it all and could do it all by myself. Now that I am older and wiser I realize I could have reached my goal in a lot less time if only I had a mentor like you -know-who and her short cuts to guide me.

  9. I have helped my husband get a presence online and have products to sell. But when it comes to my site, I seem to suffer from shiny object syndrome. I buy PLR to help me get my first product online but end up moving on to the next shiny object. I need help getting my first product online and making sales.
    Carol Farbe recently posted..Evaluate and Find Business LeaksMy Profile

  10. I have overwhelm right now. My husband has been ill, I am working another job in addition to my business and I need to simplify. I have had business coach training but no one who really helped with product launch. I have a product that I think will do well but I need assistance in figuring out how to move if forward.

  11. I would like to win this in order to once and for all get the kick in the behind I need to start an online business. I’ve toyed with many ideas for several years, started a podcast, started a blog, but never really figured out a business model or how to monetize those enterprises. I love to teach others and share information, and I enjoy writing. But I haven’t made the time or found the right niche for me online. I need someone more experienced to coach me through the process of identifying a market need, filling that need, and making money online.



  12. I know what I want to teach, but not the exact wording and the exact market. I am writing a book about what I want to teach to ‘build a reputation’. But how to confine the content and write it to the people I want to serve; I have no customer(s) to try it on. How do I proceed?
    I can’t just start somewhere and change the course while I’m teaching – or can I?
    Would your course teach me a way to
    • get me going from only writing to contacting people to ask them what they want, so that I can tailor my knowledge to what they want (or think they need)?
    • start teaching my course – even if for the first few lessons?
    I would be very grateful if you could get my “elephant” moving – preferably in a fruitful direction! Thanks!
    Jacqueline recently posted..Logical concepts – Rewriting formulasMy Profile

  13. Angela,

    I have purchased courses from you in the past and always found them to be top notch.

    I would love to be able to create courses like that myself.


  14. Angela,

    I would like to win the Coaching Mojo course because I need it! My goal is to quit my job at the end of this year. I’ve given myself this entire year to learn Graphic Design and WordPress extensively. No matter what happens I’m committing to quitting,

    I have always desired being an entrepreneur and being my own boss. Out of fear, I let that dream die so many times. But this time, I’m grabbing the bull by the horns and riding until he’s tired – cause I ain’t getting off. :)

    My goal is to design Websites for local mom and pop shops. This will be the service I provide, but I also want to develop residual income sources.

    I’ve created a few and dabbled here and there in multiple things to make money online. While I’ve seen some success, I’m not seeing the success I want and need.

    I listened to your Podcast yesterday and it filled me with such hope, determination, and belief that I will succeed. Your openness and willingness to share your story can give anyone hope who’s desiring to change their lives.

    I’ve purchased products from you in the past and I have to admit, when I saw them, I thought “I can do this too.”

    You taking me by the hand and coaching me would be awesome! I know I’d learn what I need to be a success. And just as you’ve helped me and countless others to learn, grow, and develop, I’ll feel just as proud and happy that I have the ability to extend that same courtesy to someone else.

    Thank you for extending this invitation to us and for all that you do to encourage and educate us!

    Cynthia Dixon
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted..Results of my First JV Zoo Product LaunchMy Profile

  15. As a private yoga teacher, I have focused on making myself and the info I share convenient to my clients. I want to step up my game & offer more :) The problem is that I feel lost & unsure of where to start. I know I have lots to give & share & I’m hoping that Coaching Program Mojo will give me the structure to make it happen!

    Looking forward to the program!


    <3 Emily <3

  16. I think of myself as a procrastinating perfectionist. It seems to give me the excuse not to move forward on my projects.

    Currently I am working on a membership site to help people build membership sites with WordPress. This program sounds like just what I need to move forward.

    Even if I don’t win, the one thing I am going to try is to get my sales page created and up. I am sure it would look better that my current “Under Construction” sign. 😉

    Good Luck to everyone here.

  17. Top 10 Reasons To Pick Me

    1) I already have the Coach part down, but I really need the Mojo
    2) I gave birth on a business trip (true) and don’t want to ever repeat that. (OK, I’m past having babies, but I do dream of earning income without being “on the road”.)
    3) That baby was a premie “one-hander”, but is now 6’3″ and I need to figure out how to pay college tuition on top of everything else. (Just wait.) 
    4) “Creating Coaching Products” is on my bucket list and I have a birthday ending in “0” coming up.
    5) I am committed to creating coaching products, but I keep getting lost
    6) I’ve tried everything else, so this gives you the opportunity to claim miracle-worker status.
    7) Your style works for me.
    8) I already think you’ve done the best job of any affiliate marketer I’ve run across in how you have set up your program with communication, training, systems and resources. 
    9) I care about Shadow.
    10) It’s not likely that I will make it in comedy.

    Thanks for your good example and the opportunity,


  18. The older I get, the more I realize I need someone to actually drive me off my duff—otherwise, I’ll never get around to developing and launching the product I’ve had in my mind’s eye for years. While I’m glad to see there are others here with the “procrastination gene”, I’m hoping to win so I can beat my ingrained inertia at least once. Regards and thanks for the opportunity. Mike

  19. I would like to win this challenge to help me learn how to set up and put in place the techy bits(Sales page, Auto resonder list, teleseminar set up and paypal link) i need for my online course” Self Care for Busy Mothers -5 easy ways to nurture and support YOURSELF when you are feeling overwhelmed tired and exhausted” . I already have run it once in person with my clients and have converted that into an eBook of the same name which i plan to use as resource material for the online course . I am really committed to getting this all together in spite of my ” techy dyslexia ” as I myself have my own experience of being a busy mother twenty years ago and have two daughters who are busy mothers now and who i am involved in helping .I now classify myself as a busy grandmother and am thinking maybe I should write a course on Self Care for Busy Grandmothers as well!

    Mary Choo
    mary choo recently posted..Does Multi-Tasking Send You Into Overwhelm?My Profile

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