September Giveaway: Free WordPress Training

We have a winner! It’s Sandra Sims – Congratulations Saundra… Looking forward to working with you. If you’d like to join the program there’s still time to get in… check it out at

Win my $397 course for FREE!
To enter just post a comment below…
If you want to build a business online WordPress is the tool for you. WordPress has so many benefits, a few include:

  • Control your website from anywhere, with just about any device. That includes laptops, smart phones, tablets and desktops, too.
  • WordPress is Intuitive. Some software programs are VERY difficult to learn. They don’t make sense intuitively so you can pick them up and run. WordPress is not one of those, it’s intuitive and fun to use, even.
  • Be free of expensive software updates. WordPress is free and so are the updates!
  • Never have to wait for (or pay) for the simplest of site changes. You don’t want to be waiting for a website designer while business is passing you by.
  • WordPress is EASY to outsource or share. Have a partner to share work with, or maybe you want to hire an assistant to do your updates and learn your business. It’s easy with WordPress.

The next session of Website Design Mojo starts October 1st. You’ll learn how to use THE most popular website software on the internet and use it to have the freedom to build a business you love. Enter below to be gifted free WordPress training through this course.

The Giveaway

One winner will be gifted a full lifetime tuition into the course Website Design Mojo (real value $397).

To enter just fill out the form below telling me why you want to win and how Website Design Mojo will help you!

The Timeline

Post a comment below to be considered on or before September 19th at 12pm ET.

The Prize Details

Website Design Mojo is a Website Creation Course that has had over 200 students through it’s doors, is in it’s twelveth run and has been running consistently two years. Through the course of six weeks you’ll learn how to setup a website, customize it to represent your brand and promote it to grow your business.

This course has been very well received by Small Business Owners. They take the skills they learn from this course to create or update their own websites, provide services to others and build their businesses.

If you’re not familiar with this guided coaching program, here’s what you get with Website Design Mojo:

  • 6 video modules with lifetime* access
  • 6 weekly LIVE Q&A webinars
  • 6 weeks of personal email coaching
  • Lifetime retakes of the webinar and video portions of the course.
  • Graphics Mojo ($27 Value)
  • WP Safety Mojo ($47 Value)
  • Bonus: WordPress Installation with new hosting account (Value $75)
  • Bonus: Premium WordPress Website Theme Installation (Value $97)

*lifetime access means the videos don’t go away when the course ends, access them anytime

Terms and Conditions

  • No cash value and cannot be refunded for cash.
  • For new students to the program only.
  • Winner will be determined by random draw.
  • Tweet and link to your tweet for an extra entry.
  • If you sign up for the course and win the tuition, I’ll refund your payment!
    Sign up now for $100 off with coupon code: mojo

For all the details, student examples, sneak peak videos and more see the salespage here:

That’s it – To enter just comment below if you want to win and tell me how Website Design Mojo will help you!


  1. I have bought a couple of WP ‘courses’ which promise you the world but……not really. It’s not a REAL training that you get – just a mashed-up last-minute-put-together kind of content.
    They do not address simple details which are necessary; they just assume that you know.
    How about baby-boomer non-techies like me ?
    I really would like someone to want to Teach the real deal.
    araxy recently posted..Sleep Apnea, Hypertension and CPAP MachinesMy Profile

  2. It would be nice to win because it would give me an opportunity to understand WordPress inside out. I would also be able to refer to the videos whenever I need guidance in any area.

  3. I’d love to win because I need to build my website and I really cannot get to grips with and also because I would love to offer website building as one of my services to clients.

  4. In a previous life, 8 years ago, I was a Web Developer… but since then I’ve been focused on other things, most recently being a mom. And now I seem to be attracting people to me that want my help building websites. So I’ve been PLAYING with WordPress quite a bit lately, but I know there is a LOT that I still need to learn.

    Since my hubby is presently out of work, anything I can do to bring in a few dollars while still being able to take care of the kidlet is important right now.

  5. PLEASE ANGELA PLEASE,, just look at my site and you will know i need to WIN this,, it needs to be WordPress or die — PICK ME PLEASE!!!! This is a matter of having a great gorgeous functional site compared to the cut and paste one i have now:( PLEASE make my DAY!!!

  6. I would love to be able to have help with WordPress. I know it seems simple compared to the way things used to be, but My eyes till cross when I try to make sense of the options…what the themes can and cannot do…how to organize the potential for layouts. It’s hard.

    You seem to understand how hard it is for a newbie and seem to know enough to make it simpler.

    I think I would enjoy learning with you. And…If I win…I might actually be able to do it!

    Thanks for the opportunity…fingers crossed…Ava

  7. I am so grateful for opportunity to learn about creating a website that will allow me to rebrand myself and offer a blog called “A Poetic Journey Through Cancer”. Thank you for your generosity.

  8. I’m completely uninformed about WP websites, and really want to take my business to the next level. If I know how to build a comprehensive website with WP and can maintain it myself, it’s like the old adage, “Teach a man to fish…” Get me?

    I use a really basic template web tool and I’ve outgrown it.

    Would love to be “in the know”.


    Holly Mae

  9. I would LOVE to win this so that I can switch over my current website to WordPress! It also seems like I would not be wasting my time with you since it appears you know what you are doing. Time is valuable and I like to be productive with it and I fee this would be awesome and just what I need.

  10. My WordPress website, which is also my blog, hasn’t been published yet because I’ve struggled w/the details, like how to get the page tabs other than “Home” to show above the banner photo.

    It’s so ready to roll–I have written multiple blog entries, but the site needs a knowledgeable geek to make sure all the elements are in place.

  11. I know that Website Design Mojo would help me tremendously because Word Press is all brand new to me, and I want to get my website up and running so that I can get my brand out there and be seen. And I would love to be able to make updates to my website once it is created.

    I have a valuable message to share with smart busy working women who I know would be grateful to you if I win. Thanks for your generosity!

  12. OMG…because I’m clueless! I have been procrastinating about getting my website going for all sorts of reasons: you name it I’ve imagined it. As a service provider & non-techie I’ve resisted and created many reasons to not move forward although it is hurting my business not to do so. I’ve even had training and just got overwhelmed by it – admittedly it wasn’t very good .

    I’ve had advice where to go to get great training but have found it difficult to take that final step because I don’t feel I know how to discern what will be good training for me. My doubts have frozen me but I know I can’t stay here and need to move forward. There is no more option any more if my business is to be successful. So, I guess I’m desperate.

    Your offer feels like an amazing hand reaching out saying: “just take my hand and I’ll walk with you”….which feels comforting and way to move forward that feels possible for me.

    Regardless of your choice, thank you so much for putting this gift out it brings great inspiration!

  13. I only know the very basics of WordPress and would love to learn all there is (if that is even possible) so that I can make my site look awesome and (hopefully) offer it as a service to my clients.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity!

  14. I keep promising myself that I’ll have my WP site up and running _next_ month–for over a year…. I _need_ Angela’s “kick-in-the-pants” weekly coaching sessions to finally wring the procrastination out of me. Hope I win–otherwise I’m likely to be enterring the contest again next year… :)

    Seriously, if you’ve been thinking about putting up an effective WP site, this is exactly the type of program you should invest in. The weekly meetings and help will actually get you a real site–rather than dreaming about and wishing for one.

  15. I’m just getting my site and business helping other to build sites rolling. I can probably figure it out on my own, and expert coaching would make it much easier. I’ve read a number of your reviews and newsletters, and viewed your portfolio: I respect your perspective and skill and think I would enjoy your course. I am also unemployed, and otherwise unable to take it.

  16. Months ago I was advised to have a website/blog on WordPress for my business. I’ve looked at WordPress but have stayed with my blog on Blogspot because I’m overwhelmed with what I’m trying to do now and didn’t want to take on anything else. Winning would be the swift kick and reassure me that if I needed help, it would be available.
    Janis N. Senungetuk recently posted..Art for healingMy Profile

  17. As someone who doesn’t know code and is scared of code, I’ve always wanted to learn how to create custom WordPress sites. I’ve already been tricked by 2 web developers for the past 2 years. And the last one I’ve paid over a month ago to do my website didn’t deliver anything after the initial payment was sent. I’m left with no new website, and I feel my hard-earned money was stolen just like that. I’m no longer in a position to pay someone else and I feel stuck. It was heartbreaking, and I told myself I’ll do whatever it takes to learn how to create my own WordPress site for my business.

    I’ve always wanted to take up this course because a friend highly recommended it. I’ve been a long time fan of Angela and I know this course would help me and my business in a much bigger way, and save me from hiring unprofessional web developers ever again. I want to win this contest so bad because I have the determination to learn but not the advanced WordPress skills to make my vision into a reality. The course will not only help me make a website that I can proudly show to friends and potential clients, but I will also be able to build beautiful client-attracting WordPress sites for clients.

  18. Hi, Angela

    I hope you are having a great day. I would love to win this course because just a few years ago I went through some health issues, and I had difficulty walking. I had to have reconstructive pelvic surgery after I had my baby, and my life totally changed. I had difficulty walking due to complication from my surgery.

    There were so many thoughts running through my head. I was wondering how am I going to make ends meet, and will I ever be able to work again? I did not want to feel sorry for myself. So, I prayed a lot, and I went to a lot of doctors, and yes I am better. It has been a slow road to better health, but with God’s help all is possible.

    So, I read a few books, and I started a website, but I feel stuck on the next step. I need some direction.

    I would love for someone to help me to see what I am doing wrong. I would really appreciate this chance to work with you one on one.

    Thank you,
    Dianne Mason

  19. Hi, I am going to build a new website using wordpress and php and WP are not in my comfortable zone 😉

    Keep the good job,

  20. I would love to win this WP course because it will not only improve my own web site, it will also improve my web development skills and my service offerings as a virtual assistant.

  21. Like so many others, I am tired of purchasing programs that don’t deliver. I am building my business while collecting unemployment. The website I have now was fine when it was first created by a friend. But as I continue to hone my skills and zero in on my target audience, I realize that my website is ‘boring’. It doesn’t speak to who I am. I would really love to win this WP course to get one-on-one coaching to create a dynamic website that reflects me and what I have to offer my customers. When my potential client lands on my website, I want them to know that they don’t have to search for a Conflict Coach or Family Mediator any more.

  22. Hi Angela,
    LIke a lot of would be Internet marketers, I have spent a fair amount of money trying to get a handle on setting up a business. I have managed to set up a blog which I’m delighted about but want to be able to use WordPress as a static site to sell from instead of going the traditional website route and have not been able to find the help I need for a price I can afford.

    I don’t begrudge anyone making a good living off of their knowledge but I can say for sure my husband would string me up if I spent hundreds of dollars for a website course 😀 He already thinks I’m wasting my time!

    I really appreciate the opportunity to win your course!

    Thank you,


  23. Hi Angela!

    I would love to win because i’m in the process of building my WP blogsite…and honestly,doing everything alone make me want to cry.
    I cannot even start implementing my ideas until technical part is over,so i’m completely blocked for now,as i cannot afford to hire a professional web designer.

    Thank you for this opportunity

  24. To have the honor of winning Website Design Mojo will assist me tremendously!!

    When I started my company I hired a VA to do all my WP and site. I’m so glad I did because if not I wouldn’t be as far along as I am. However, I realize that this is one area of my business that I know nothing about and I really deserve to know the basics at least.

    I would love to learn what your website design mojo training provides and to then share the gratitude by reccomending others to your fabulous program.

    THANK YOU in advance for your generious gift :)

  25. I have determined that I am not a website designer, but am definitely interested in learning more about the design process. I would love to be able to refine and renew my clients’ websites without needing to either refer them to others or to subcontract out the work.

    Thank you for offering this wonderful program.

  26. Hi Angela

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    Your course would help me set up my first website and give me that extra mojo/confidence. I really appreciate this chance to win because I really want to learn how to do create a website the correct way. I do not know anything about wordpress- except from what I read and hear about, it appears to be the best bet to get a website up and running the most efficient, and, proper way.

    To have my website up by autumn, is my goal.

    In gratitude,

    Thank you!

  27. I really not only would love to win but I need to win to complete my blog . I am stuck completing my blog to get my business started and being on disability I can not afford to hire someone to finish for me . I want to help others with disabilities but the complete setup has my biz at a stand still due to lack of funds . I have knowledge I really need to put out there but my blog setup is my obstacle right now and I can’t go further without help with that and so far it’s not looking good for me to pursue me dream of helping others and being able to make my own income . I can not find the affordable help I have been searching for and this seems like my only and final chance .
    Thank You for this opportunity .
    Harold Thompson Jr, Jr. recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  28. Short and to the point…I am still using FrontPage to edit my site. Yikes!!

    Is it really 2012 already???

    Thanks for the opportunity to be considered.


  29. I would love to win this because I am just starting my health coaching business and am currently working on building my website using another platform. I am not completely satisfied with that particular one, and have thought about trying WordPress because I already use WordPress for my blog.

    Thank you for offering this opportunity.

  30. ever since i was a kid it was always a case of ‘me do it’. then i got too busy, corporate world, ‘professionals’, etc etc

    NOW it’s my turn! (pretty please) I have the time, my site needs a re-work….and I want to play some. From the sites others have done with your guidance it looks like fun can also be effective.

    That and the visual learning bit — it should be a cracker!

    thanks for the opportunity!
    scel recently posted..Amanda C E LevyMy Profile

  31. After 25 years of working for the same company, it is time to change and embark on my own adventure.

    I have decided to start a business and need all the help I can get! Its very challenging and scary to say the least. I am the sole income earner in my world and starting from the very beginning, I need all the help I can get!

    I read reviews about top web development programs and asked all my friends. Word Press has always been the first to be mentioned.

    Id love the help, appreciate it and I’m grateful for the opportunity to enter.

    Thank you!

  32. Hi Angela,

    Your course will help me bring my message to the world. I just got my website up and have a WordPress theme. That’s where I stand.


    I have a message of relief for busy women aged 40 to 60 years old, who are fed up with yo-yo diets, weary of wearing themselves out with endless hours of cardio and classes yet not seeing any measurable results.

    How many thousands of women are searching for the answer — today — right now? My website will give them the fail safe formula for success.

    I just need help building it and getting this message to the world.


    Thanks, Angela!

  33. I own a blog design/graphic design business but can only work with Blogger right now. I am constantly getting emails asking if I design for WordPress. I want to learn but don’t know where to start! It seems so overwhelming and over my head. This course would be SO helpful! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. Hey Angela, thanks for doing this contest again! I find your courses complete and to the point and I can easily follow along. I’d love to learn more about WordPress as this is one of the services I plan to offer through my VA business. So….Puhhhleeeezz pick me!! LOL
    Enjoy your afternoon!
    Cathy recently posted..testingMy Profile

  35. I LOVE wordpress. I use it for work all the time and I’ve recently gotten into blogging myself as a hobby – soon I want to start marketing myself on it and linking my blog to a new website. Can’t wait to learn all about it!!! Pick Me Please!!!!

  36. I was helping so many people with their HTML code for their sites but it did not took long to find out it was a real full time job to keep up.

    Then I learned about CMS and found wordpress. I love the idea so much but can never pass the initial process of setting up the website. I am hoping this course could help me out.


    • This is so AWESOME. :) I have won the course and I am looking forward to take actions to the next level.

      Thanks Angela.

  37. Angela,

    I would love, love to win your Website Design Mojo course. I know so little about WordPress but I want to learn so I can take that knowledge and help others with their websites. I want to start paying it forward and help people just starting out. Currently, I’m working my way through your Gimp Graphics Mojo course and it is terrific. Everything is laid out in a clear and concise way.

    Thanks, Angela for this great giveaway.
    Dixie Lee recently posted..Welcome!My Profile

  38. Hi,

    Check out my site, Please, and you will see that I am working hard on getting my site going. But I am struggling. I know WHAT to do, just not HOW. H-E-L-P!!!!!

  39. I have been dabbling and dabbling in WordPress as well as HTML and CSS. Now I need to tie it all together. I want to create a technical services business that offers WordPress based sites. I know all the the tech info is available on line through various resources. However, Website Design Mojo coaching program covers it all from soup to nuts in one place.

    I hope to have the opportunity to participate.

  40. I have been trying to find my way on WordPress for the last few months. I love using WordPress for blogging, but I am stuck when it comes to turning my blog into a more professional business site. I have read a lot and learned a lot but there is still so much that I don’t understand and although my site is better than when I first started it is still not anywhere near what I want it to be. I would love to learn how to take my site to the next level. And then maybe build a site for my husband’s business (which he keeps asking me to do!), and possibly another one for my students after that…. :)

    Thanks so much for offering this chance to win a spot in the class!
    Andrea recently posted..More Yummy Pinterest RecipesMy Profile

  41. Hello Angela,

    Thank you for the chance to win your Web Design Course, I like the fact that you are there teaching and not just selling a pdf and calling it a course that will make all your dreams come true! Winning this course will give me the confidence to persue a service of my own to help others who need a website built or want to learn how to do it themselves.

    Thanks for the Opportunity,

    Laura Dews
    Laura Dews recently posted..How to Repair Credit: Discrepancies in Your Credit Report? What You Can Do About ItMy Profile

  42. Sunday is my birthday! What an awesome gift it would be to win 6-weeks of training that could dramatically change the scope of my business offerings!!
    Thanks for the opportunity (again)!

  43. I have been following you for quite some time now. Any chance I have to hear a webinar that you are giving I immediately sign up for it.

    By winning the Website Design Mojo Course I would not only be able to learn how to make a website, which as you can tell I don’t have one yet, but I would also be able to learn from someone that has been there and done that and be able to do it with confidence!

    I want to thank you in advance for the opportunity and keep rockin those webinars!!

  44. Hi Angela,

    I found your Website by accident, but I was really struck by the logical and practicle way you putting out this useful information.

    I come from a corporate background as a manager and recently I have gone back to growing my own business. I would like a to participate in your course as I would love to get your no nonsense approach at getting up and running.

    I feel we never stop learning, and the more learning we do the more we can help others and that makes the world go around huh?

    Peter Mead

  45. Hi Angela-

    Well…people keep saying how easy it is to use WordPress, but I could really uses some step-by-step hand holding.

    You sound like you could do that. hope I get the chance to find out.


  46. Angela,

    I have been an entrepreneur since high school, when I ran a concession stand on a golf course. Paid rent, bought my own product, innovated.

    Put my entrepreneurial ambitions on hold through college and a brief tour through corporate America. Three years into my professional career, I struck out on my own to prepare tax returns and figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

    Fast forward about twenty years, from finding my soul mate and becoming an instant father of two, having three children of our own and then getting my wife through nursing school, the years passed and a common theme weaved through my professional life: I help people get what they want. But as a professional, I also must convince people to want what they need.

    A minor health emergency in my own life gave birth to a new career. After years of concern over my clients’ fiscal fitness, a stark realization: without health, without physical fitness, nothing matters.

    I became a personal trainer. That was about eight years ago.

    We got our younger kids through college. I went back to college for science courses I mistakenly thought I had no use for.

    Suddenly, our five children are grown, we have six grandchildren. I realize that I can only help so many people one-on-one. I have so much knowledge to share… to pull people moving toward disease back to optimal health… to educate and empower people struggling with weight loss to unlock the secrets of permanent solutions… to help moms, dads, and grandparents to keep up with the kids, even if that means just being able to get down on the floor to play with them (and get back up again)… to improve the quality of life for those with permanent, debilitating diseases like Parkinson’s and M.S.

    The internet is the new library. People are hurting and struggling. They seek answers and information and real solutions. I know that’s where I belong, to help as many people as possible in the years I have left. My goal is to live life to the full, thrive, share and educate until I’m at least 100 years old, God willing.

    To reach that goal, I have exactly 46 years left this month. God willing.

    We can help a lot of people in that time.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


    Dave Kwiecinski recently posted..AboutMy Profile

  47. hey Angela found you through the warrior forum i have a copy of you free report. I must tell you that is some really good stuff. You do not just blab about how great wordpress is but you really show us how to use it.Thank you so much for you contribution to our knowledge. heck if all your reports are like that I’d buy them all

  48. Hi Angela,

    I have been following you for several years now. I have left, followed others, but always come back to you. I have found myself becoming more and more overwhelmed by this process of trying to own my business, for reasons I do not even understand. i need this course, and hope I get chosen!

    Thank you so much!
    Yazz recently posted..More about the VA in Me!My Profile

  49. Hey Angela,
    Nice competition you had here, thanks for the chance to enter even though I did not win. Just as well, I am probably too busy.

    I really like your approach to your teaching style, nice.

    I have made a post for any desingers wanting to know what to ask on the first meeting here:

    Thanks and enjoy,
    Peter Mead
    Peter Mead recently posted..Web Design Questions to Ask Clients Brian Hoff showed meMy Profile

  50. Hey Angela! Thanks for the GIMP handout sheet for the upcoming VAVS series! I’ve updated it and it’ll be a giveaway at the seminar. WordPress…I think I have a mental block there and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to clear that block through your training. I’d love the chance to attend as a winner!! Thanks!
    Cathy recently posted..testingMy Profile

  51. Thanks so much for having this contest to win your Website Design Mojo. I would love to win this because then I can help others to learn the same things that I would be taught and they can teach others as well. This would be a great tool to implement and learn how to use the correct way for someone that is not that computer savvy and to change that to be a computer guru. I have a website and it is not finished as of yet and this will help me with that also. Thanks so much again.

  52. thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win your wordpress training. I have been using wordpress for a couple of years and now in the process of starting a web design service. Winning your course would be a great learning tool for me.

  53. Hi Angela, thank you so much for doing this free day of training. I’m going to have to miss the end so I hope you draw my name before I have to leave :) I still go over my GIMP videos from time to time. I struggle sometimes with basic wordpress so I really should have more instruction with this. thanks again and would love to win your course.

  54. I’ve been meaning to take a good course in WordPress for a long time, but procrastination always seems to get in the way. After following Angela for over a year (yikes, that sounds creepy… :) ) I’ve taken her graphics course and I’d recommend any of her courses with no qualifications. If you’re on the fence, just sign up and take the course–it’s for anyone who wants to know not only the basics, but needs a little hand-holding as well.

  55. Thank you so much for what you do Angela. I have been receiving you emails for a long time now and you always provide us with so much value. You have made my business run so much better. Looking forward to the future!

  56. This year, I came across the Internet and saw its potential in helping market any product or business we have. So even though I am quite a late bloomer in computer or Internet-related stuff, I am taking the time now to learn any of the skills or tools I need so that I can promote any of my interested products to reach and educate those who need these products. i’m not quite familiar with wordpress yet, and my “greatest weakness” is in creating a well-designed and professionally-looking website. =) i’ve tried creating a site in blogspot, and it doesn’t look good as I want it to be. ={ i know wordpress have so many functionalities that are available, but I am not yet familiar with all and which are the most important.

    Your content-packed Website Design Mojo course will teach me and help me in the concerns i am facing, and as I take into practice over and over what it taught me, eventually, I know I will reach my goal of creating any quality wordpress-powered websites I want to create.

    Thank you so much for this fun contest and opportunity! =)
    Good day! =)

  57. I need to learn how to create a WordPress website so I can set up Optimize Press and get better opt-ins. I’ve got great traffic, I’d just like to capture it better, as my current website isn’t very functional for that.

  58. Hi Angela,
    I really loved your product related to using GIMP. It was very helpful. You are good teacher, very patient and thorough. Looking forward to finding out more about your wordpress expertise.

  59. Hi Angela,

    I have a few of your home study courses and I really enjoy the way you teach. I would love to gain additional knowledge about WordPress and I think you are just the person to help me with that.


  60. Hi Angela,

    I have a wordpress site already and would like your advanced knowledge to help me to update my site to get more clicks and I enjoyed your Gimp product and am still working on using it. I would appreciate your knowledge to teach me more since I feel sometimes that I know just enough to be dangerous LOL. So could for sure use your help!

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!
    Sandra Sims recently posted..10 Tips for Your Social Media Success PlanMy Profile

  61. Hi Angela,
    I currently use WordPress and am beginning to realize how beneficial it is…three quarters of my website traffic has been coming through my blog first. I want to learn all I can about using WordPress to its full potential, and I know your course would help me to do that. I would love to win.
    Thanks for all the information you provide, and for holding this giveaway. :)

  62. Hi Angela,

    I am new in every sense of the word!:) I have always wanted to create beautiful websites and now I have the opportunity to do so with your course. I am really looking forward to working with you and learning. My goal is to be able to offer website design as a niche in my new business.
    Thanks for the giveaway, and I know that this course will allow me to realize my dream.

  63. I signed up for your course before during a very busy time and I would like to retake it and to focus on it. You do a wonderful job of sharing specific and helpful information and inspiring even the beginner to raise their skills in this area and others. Thank you for all of your efforts.

  64. Hi Angela,

    I’ve been attending your webinars whenever i get the chance and really appreciate your honest, give-all attitude. You like to share information and i always learn from your sessions.

    I would love to get the chance to one of your classes by winning what you’re offering for building a WordPress website !

  65. Thanks, Angela.

    Had registered earlier in July but was not able to finish. Would to redo the course – I need all the help I can get!!!

  66. hi Angela, I listened to the replay and wrote a contact message to you.

    But I want to say that I really liked your presentation. You really have a way to instill trust!

    I probably will do this. I just have to make sure that it is what I am hoping for– that is— whta I need to learn right now. You seem like a great teacher! And thank you for the $100.00 off
    Thank you Mary

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