How I Made Money…

The other day I was talking to a very good friend of mine. We’ve been friends for over twenty years now and grew up together.

Well she’s working a J.O.B. and she’s had enough. I mentioned to her she should come work with me (like any good friend would do) and I could teach her how to make money online.

Then I started thinking.. How can I explain this online world, and how I make money to her or anyone who really isn’t as immersed in it as I am.

I always have a difficult time really telling people what I do. Though I think I did do a decent job of it here. It’s hard to explain when they just don’t have any experience in it at all.

I decided the best way to explain was to tell people what I’ve done to make money in the past, what’s worked for me, and explain it in simple terms so anyone can understand it.

This is the basis for a new post series I will be hosting here on the blog called “How I Made Money…”

Here are the topics I’ll be covering:

  • How I Made Money… Providing a Service
  • How I Made Money… Blogging
  • How I Made Money… Sending Emails
  • How I Made Money… Recommending Products
  • How I Made Money… Selling Information
  • How I Made Money… Writing
  • How I Made Money… Talking
  • How I Made Money… Giving Stuff Away
  • So stay tuned for these posts! I think you’ll like reading them.

    I’d also love to invite you to comment on each post or even blog on the same topics yourself, then come back and tell me where your post is.

    Angela Wills

    p.s. One of the most important things I did when I first got started working from home online was to find mentors I related to and who were doing what I wanted to do. People like Alice Seba and Kelly McCausey and the members at Mom Masterminds.


    1. Hi Angela and thanks for the post. I can feel for you ’cause I too have tried telling friends how I make money as an Affiliate Marketer. They have no problem when I give them the generic “I design websites”, but there eyes glaze over when I begin getting into the promoting of affiliate products, traffic generation and everything else involved. Hopefully, your friend will learn all she can from you. Take care and all the best.

      .-= Lyle Robinson´s last blog ..The Perfect Day? =-.

    2. LOL Lyle I definitely know that glazed eyes look! It’s funny I think a lot of us internet marketers say ‘I make websites’ or ‘I design websites’ because it’s just SO much work to try to connect on any other level about it, and someone’s got to have a real interest or they just won’t even listen.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you too!


    3. Hi Angela,

      I love your blog! You have some amazing content for people who are learning about internet marketing and starting their own online business es.

      Keep up the excellent content!
      .-= Internet Marketing Reviews´s last blog ..Mass Article Control Review – This Is Really Cool! =-.

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