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Updated! Now Includes WP Designer & Graphics Training!

Use WordPress Like a Pro! Create Profitable Websites For Yourself & Your Clients. Learn How Here…

Have you ever thought to yourself…

“If I only knew how to build awesome websites, I could…”

  • Start a business online and work from home.
  • Get my current website updated fast, without having to wait for a spot in anyone’s calendar (ie. the designer).
  • Make awesome client websites and up my hourly rate!
  • Test out new products, ideas and content FAST to see what sells and then – sell it!
  • Have great control over my marketing and my business so I can make more

There’s no question you need a website to promote your business. By now you’re probably also well aware that using WordPress is a smart and very popular choice for small business owners looking to get a quick start online. WordPress is so versatile it can be used for many types of business as a blog, a website or both.

You can do all of the above and more, with WordPress! If you’re ready to skip the full salespage and just sign up… click here.

WordPress is Free But… It’s Also Priceless!

blue-xlwebsite-design-mojoWordPress is a free piece of software that you can download directly from or you can get from most website hosts. It’s a program that gets installed ON your hosting server. That means it’s on a computer on the internet. The great thing about that is that you can update or edit your website from anywhere with an internet connection and from many devices. Another great benefit is that if you have others who will contribute to your website (guest bloggers or those you hire), then it’s really easy for them to access and add content to your website.

I discovered WordPress myself around 2006 when I first started a Virtual Assistant business. Learning to use it was one of the smartest things I could have done for my business. It allowed me to provide fast updates to my own website that had previously been created using very time consuming hand-typed HTML code. Once I knew how to use WordPress I started offering website services to my clients and my business took off! In 2007, just nine months after I started my VA business, I quit my dead-end factory job and came home to work for myself full-time.

One thing that seemed to come natural to me was to TEACH my clients how to use the software programs they owned and to market their business to make more profits. Over time I realized that was where my biggest talents and passion lay so I transitioned away from clients services and into providing products and programs for small business owners who want to get ahead…

Introducing Website Design Mojo:
With Easy to Follow Lessons & Faster Results

Website Design Mojo has been running since 2010
and I’ve taught hundreds of people how to build their websites through this program.

You’re a smart, savvy small business owner who knows that learning a new skill takes time. You also know that the fastest way to work through a tricky path is to find someone who’s already done it, many times!

That’s where the Website Design Mojo program comes in.

In this program you’ll be walked through, step by step, to build your first (or next) website. You’ll be given a weekly video to watch, assignments to complete and emails to guide you through the program. You’ll find nothing like this for free on the internet when you Google ‘how to make a WordPress website’ or even when you search paid programs. This program is a unique format that I’ve developed after years of teaching people how to build their own websites and marketing online. I’ve learned the best way to teach a skill is to give specific tasks that can be completed in a certain timeframe and to provide feedback and support along the way.

That’s why you also get personal attention in the program. You’re not buying some ‘cookie cutter’ course where you’re expected to read a bunch of stuff and then figure out how to apply it.

With training and support like this it’s completely reasonable for you to expect to have your site up and ready for sales in just four weeks or less!


You Won’t Just Learn to Setup, Build & Use a WordPress Website,
You’ll Learn to Build a Business

Website Design Mojo is broken up into four weeks of lessons designed and structured specifically to help you learn the new skill of building your own business that allows you a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom. You will learn so much more than how to throw up a website. I’ve developed my teaching technique through trial and error over a number of years and have found it to be the very best way to get my clients involved, taking action and learning a skill that will pay them back many times over.

If you’ve got WordPress questions this course is going to help you find answers.

Here’s what you can expect in this program:

1. Webinars, Guided Videos, Email Training & Assignmentscustomer-area

bonus2You’ll be given videos that will walk you through every step of building a website in WordPress. After the foundationals, you’ll learn how to build and customize websites for clients. Beyond that, you’ll also learn how to create great graphics for websites and businesses using awesome (and free) graphics tools.

Our live training webinars are scheduled for June.

Here are the dates: June 3rd, 8th, 17th and 22nd at 9pm ET.

Topics included:

  • June 3rd – Building Your Website In WordPress
  • June 8th – Building Websites That IMPRESS Your Clients
  • June 17th – Website Graphics
  • June 22nd – Open Q&A Training

This program is not just for beginners! You can grow from beginner or novice to learning to build sites for clients with this program.

AND… There’s No Reason to Feel Overwhelmed at all. Rest Easy and Study at Your Pace. You Get LIFETIME access to all this training!

(Lifetime being the life of the course which has currently been ‘alive’ since 2010 with no signs of aging yet 😉 !)

email-coachingangela-sparkleThis course is for both complete beginner and the intermediate level user (some WordPress experience). Remember to check below because there are a whole lot more topics covered in the training video library!

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2. Four Weeks of PERSONAL EMAIL Coaching

Starting the Monday after you sign up you get daily access to get all your questions or concerns about your website and WordPress answered.  Just send your questions in an email and I (Angela) will get back to you with your answers.

You NEVER have to feel stuck throughout these four weeks because I will be there, by your side, to guide and help you move forward.

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3. NEW – Facebook Support & Networking Group


Come and meet others who’ve taken the Website Design Mojo group to network with and learn from.

Participate in our fun and fast-paced ‘Facebook Group Chats’. These are a great way to get interactive in the group and to meet others.

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Want to Know What’s Included?
Here are the module sets (each set includes many training videos)…

Module Set 1: Website Foundationals

  • Step 1: Understand Websites & WordPress
  • Step 2: Getting Setup With WordPress
  • Step 3: Customizing Your WordPress Theme
  • Step 4: Adding Awesome Content
  • NEW – How to Use iThemes Builder to Customize Your Site.
  • Step 5: Creating a Feature-Rich Site With Plugins


Module Set 2: Learn to Make Great Graphics

  • Step 1: Introduction to Gimp
  • Step 2: Web Graphics
  • Step 3: Advertising
  • Step 4: Social Media

Previously sold as a separate program, Graphics Mojo, for $127!

Module Set 3: Designing For Clients

  • Step 1: Setting Up Shop
  • Step 2: Master Theme Customization
  • Step 3: Attract Amazing Clients
  • Step 4: Long Term Service & Passive Profits

Previously sold as a separate program, WP Designer School, for $297!


HUGE WordPress Training Bundle


  • WordPress Web Graphics
  • Selling With WordPress
  • Inside WordPress Hosting
  • Blog Better With WordPress
  • WordPress SEO Tips
  • WordPress Security & Updates
  • Digging Into WordPress Plugins
  • Multimedia WordPress
  • WordPress List Building
  • Website Headers and Social Media
  • How to Customize Your Web Fonts
  • Creating Beautiful Website Displays

Previously sold as WP Study Group, for $27 each!



BONUS: 25 Website Header Templates



BONUS: Web Graphics



Successful Designs By Happy Participants

Here are some of the fantastic sites designed by previous program participants.


About Your Trainer Angela “WordPress Addict” Wills:

angela-sparkleHey, if you don’t know me yet I’m Angela Wills and I’ve been running a successful, online, full-time business from my home office (or couch, or coffee shop, depending on my mood).

I quit my job in 2007 to work from home full time and have been completely un-employable ever since! I enjoy my freedom far too much to ever let anyone tell me what to do with my days ever again. Over the past six years I have helped thousands of clients and customers use the best tools on the ‘net to grow their businesses.

I love helping others and I’ve been told I have a talent for making things easy to understand. I’ve also achieved some pretty impressive things with my business.  Here are some:

  • Started building websites in 1999 just for ‘fun’ with a free Geocities account and a sheet of HTML code.
  • Started my first site in 2001 which I sold and shipping bath & body products account Canada and the US from.
  • Worked with close to 200 clients over a few years to build, maintain and market their WordPress websites.

Here is a sampling of some sites I’ve created for clients in WordPress:



I truly believe that WordPress = Freedom. It’s extremely difficult to build an online business without being in control of your website because you will be constantly waiting for someone to get to your work. Without your own website skills you’ll also be very cautious about what you pay someone to add to your site, which means you’ll have very little opportunity to move fast to test new ideas, products or content. That would be a shame! In my opinion website design skills are not a luxury, they’re a necessity that any ambitious online marketer will be keen to learn.

I’ve taken my website building skills to create a profitable and fulfilling online business. Will you accept my offer to teach you to do the same? Sign up for the course if you’re ready to get my help!


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Real Course Feedback:

Timothy Said: “I Couldn’t Have Done This Without Your Help”

TIMOTHY_320-240“Hello Angela, I just wanted to send you a very heartfelt thanks for all the skills you have helped me learn and others you’ve helped me make better.
I was out of the webdesign business for over 10 years (and more than 50 years old) when I decided that I wanted to go back to my first love (design) which I had never completely done before. The biggest thing I found was the change in the entire structure and and landscape of the internet. I was lost and looking and came across your products (as well as many others) and really liked what I saw so I went for it. I took your design course, used your members area, and also your tip about Builder products and started learning. 
It is now almost a year later and I have started in my dream life with my first full time client (while working on several others also). This is my first site completely built by myself including all graphics, layout, video, design, implementation, and maintenance. It is a full e-commerce shopping cart that changes products constantly as well as slides and info on the main page. The site is and I hope you can see a lot of what you taught in my implementation.
I couldn’t have done this without your help, and I will never forget the kindness and attentiveness you put forth. I will always continue to stay in contact and read your emails and lessons etc., and hope that there are many more people that will come to realize just how good you are at what you do. There are so many choices out there, but you are real and very reasonable. You definitely come through on the offers you make. And you make sure that someone understands no matter how many questions are asked. You definitely put out more effort than the money you are paid.
Again I just want to thank you and congratulate you on your growing family and business. You definitely deserve it and so much more for all the help you give.”
Sincerely, Timothy Johnson
A VERY Satisfied Customer

Jessica Said: “Free Yourself from Outsourcing to a Web Designer”

jessica-150x150“Angela is a great instructor!  I looked forward to each session and “walked” away with enough information to make an informed decision without feeling information overload.  Each session builds upon the previous and all are filled with tips and tricks to make your work easier.  The added bonuses were a nice addition to the course.

At the time I took the course, Angela was offering an intro to GIMP class which has saved me from having to purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements. Purchase the course, learn from an expert, and free yourself from outsourcing to a web designer.”

Jessica Brown

Samantha Said: “You’ll Never Feel Like You’ve Missed a Step”

Samantha-Angel“Website Design Mojo was the very first course I ever took on how to build a WordPress website and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Angela provides so much detail in each course module you’ll never feel like you’ve missed a step and she takes great care in breaking each step down so everyone can understand it. That’s one of the things I love so much about Angela’s teaching is that she is very thorough. She also provides excellent feedback and support.

One the the things that stood out the most about Angela is that she is so patient with her students. It’s intimidating to learn how to build a WordPress website, especially if you’ve never had any experience at all with it, and Angela makes it easy and fun!”
Samantha Angel

Mary Said: “Website Design Mojo is a Must for Newbies and Far Beyond!”

“Website Design Mojo is a must for Newbies and far beyond! Angela Wills is a caring, patient and skilled teacher. She is one of those experts that OVERDELIVERS! I believe that is just her Nature You can tell she is passionate about what she does and loves it. I discovered Angela when I got ripped off by a web developer. I didn’t get the 2 sites that I paid for (my first sites) I was devastated and I needed to get started.

I had a “minor clue” about WP– VERY MINOR. I set up a site WITH HER IN THE CLASS, I learned a lot from her personal email coaching that was part of the package and I can still join her webinars or ask questions!

She continually updates her training and is very active in and membership site. Angela was Godsend to me. Thanks Angela!”

Mary Castro

Want a Sneak Peek? Here Are a Couple of Sample Videos:

Step 2: Buy Website Hosting

Go to Bluehost to buy your hosting.

Step 4: Install WordPress

We’re not messing around! Let’s get our WordPress sites installed :)

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Who Its For And, Just as Important, Not For

If you are a small business owner with a keen interest in building your own website, this program is for you!
If you want to provide updates on your clients websites, this program is also for you!
If you want to learn to be a website designer, this program is for you!


If your business is keeping you so busy that you really don’t have the extra time to think about websites, this program is not for you. If you get easily frustrated while learning new programs, this program is probably not for you. If you have really high expectations and ideas of your ‘perfect’ website design, you’d do better to hire a website designer with years of experience to get it done for you quick (like me) <<< Keep in mind this option may cost you more than what the course costs, but it is certainly worth it if you’re not up for doing it yourself.

This program is NOT for the faint of heart or the lazy marketer looking to get rich quick. As you go through this program you will be expected to Google things and troubleshoot. If this scares you then this program is probably not for you. If the idea of getting all geeky excites you then you’re likely in the right place!


What Makes This Course Different From The Rest:

As I’m sure you know there is a plethora of WordPress training programs out there to choose from, many much cheaper than this one. There are a few reasons why I didn’t pop a $47 price tag on this baby and be done with it, why this course stands out from most and is worth the extra money you’ll put into it.

  1. No Fly by Night Attitude Here! I started this program in 2010 and have had 332 people register to learn to build a website in WordPress. I’m not going anywhere and neither is this course.
  2. I Didn’t Hop on The Bandwagon. Like I said, there are a lot of programs out there that teach you WordPress. Many of them decided to do so because WordPress is so popular. Meaning… they’re in it for the money. They’re not dedicated to the topic and passionate about it like I am!
  3. This Isn’t PLR or Licensed Training. Some people sell rights to pre-made WordPress training that you can buy outright or resell under your name. Sure that’s OK and good even if you only need to know how to do something, but if you’re looking for a mentor and a guide who will teach you based on their own successes and ‘learning experiences’ ;).

More Course Feedback From Real People:


Not Just Another WordPress Training Program!

Seems like everyone and their brother is jumping on the WordPress training bandwagon lately…I’ve been teaching this program since 2010 and I’m definitely not one of those ‘here-today, gone-tomorrow’ type of trainers.

I have been making websites since 1999. I have been working on websites for clients since 2005. I have been dedicated to WordPress since 2008. I have sold thousands of products online and worked individually with hundreds of clients. I am dedicated to your success and I’d love for you to let me prove it in the next session of the course!

Register Now:

YES Angela, Sign Me Up! I Understand I’ll Receive:

  • Added! Training on how to do WordPress Websites for Clients (previously sold as a $397 course)
  • Added! Training on how to make GREAT graphics for Business (previously sold as a $127 course)
  • HUGE Bundle of WordPress Training Topics (previously sold at $27 EACH)
  • LIVE Q&A Webinars on June 3rd, 8th, 17th and 22nd at 9pm ET
  • ‘Never Get Stuck’ personal daily email coaching!
  • ON-DEMAND, Step-by-Step Video Training Available 24-7 in the Customer Area
  • Topic-based WordPress recordings.
  • 25 Professional Website Header Templates
  • Large Web Graphics Bundle
  • Huge library of past Q&A recordings.
  • Support & Networking in our Facebook Group


Don’t wait until the last minute if you want to ensure you get your email coaching spot.

Sign up now and start learning to build your best business today!


The regular price is $397 and it’s going back on Friday (extended!) at 11:59PM ET.
Sign up now to get your BEST price. Price goes up in:


(How to pay via credit card.)

Please be sure you read the program details carefully and ask me any questions you have before you order. Since this program includes personal email coaching and live webinar coaching I cannot offer refunds. I can’t get my time back so it’s only fair I be paid for that investment I make into helping you with your business. I’m sure if you use the program and the coaching you’ll be more than thrilled with what you learn and what you can create! If you’re ready, sign up now by clicking here.

p.s. If I were still taking clients, I’d charge them $1500 for a WordPress website setup and have clients happy to pay me for it. You can learn how to do the same and earn $105 per hour or more by signing up right here and now.